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Karen Vieth Edgar
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Karen Vieth Edgar, wife of basketball icon Bob Knight, is a pillar of resilience and love. Married in 1988, she created a nurturing haven for their family, including daughter Hazel. 

In this article, we’ll delve into the life of a remarkable woman who has not only weathered the storms of life but has emerged as a symbol of strength and grace.

Overview about Karen Vieth Edgar – For Beginners!

Full Name: Karen Vieth Edgar

Birthplace: United States

Age: 47 years

Children: One biological daughter, Hazel Knight

Husband: Bob Knight (1988 – his passing in 2023)

Net Worth: Estimated around $1 million

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Who is Karen Vieth Edgar? – Take Analysis!

Karen Vieth Edgar is not just a name; she’s a testament to love and commitment. Widely recognized as the wife of the legendary basketball coach, Bob Knight, Karen played an instrumental role in supporting her husband’s illustrious career. 

Who is Karen Vieth Edgar
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But she is more than just a basketball wife; she is the heartbeat of Bobby Knight, contributing to his life both on and off the court.

Early Life and Background:

Karen Vieth Edgar’s journey begins with a foundation of resilience and determination. Growing up in the United States, she cultivated values that would later define her as a woman of substance. 

Her early years set the stage for a life dedicated to family, love, and navigating the challenges that come with being a prominent figure’s partner.

Karen Vieth Edgar’s Husband –  A Love Story Beyond the Court!

Bob Knight, a coaching legend, found not only success on the basketball court but also a lifelong companion in Karen Vieth Edgar. Their love story, spanning over three decades, is a testament to the enduring power of love amidst the whirlwind of a demanding career. 

Through victories and defeats, Karen stood by her husband’s side, offering unwavering support and being a pillar of strength.

Karen Vieth Edgar’s Children and Family Life – Let’s Explore!

While being the wife of basketball legend Bob Knight, Karen Vieth Edgar carved out a haven of love for her family. The couple, married in 1988, found immense joy in raising their daughter, Hazel Knight, despite the challenges that came with the spotlight.

1. Prioritizing a Nurturing Environment:

Despite the demands of a high-profile life, Karen prioritized creating a nurturing environment at home. Her commitment went beyond the basketball court, fostering bonds that echoed with warmth and support within the family.

2. Joyful Parenting and Familial Bonds:

Joyful parenting was at the core of Karen and Bob’s life. Hazel, their beautiful daughter, became a source of pride and happiness. The family, despite the public scrutiny, maintained a sense of togetherness that extended beyond the basketball arena.

3. Resilience Amidst Challenges:

In the face of challenges that accompany sports stardom, Karen’s resilience shone through. The family home, filled with laughter and love, became a stabilizing force for Bob and Hazel, reinforcing the strength found in familial bonds.

4. Legacy of Love:

Karen Vieth Edgar’s legacy is one of enduring love. Her commitment to family, resilience, and creating a nurturing haven transcends the basketball court. Hazel, raised in this environment, carries forward a legacy of love that proves victories are often found within the embrace of a supportive family. 

Karen Vieth Edgar Net Worth – Take A Look Here!

While financial success is often a topic of curiosity, Karen Vieth Edgar’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million

Karen Vieth Edgar Net Worth
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However, her wealth is not merely a reflection of monetary value; it encompasses the wealth of experience, love, and memories accumulated throughout her extraordinary journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Was Bob Knight Still Married?

Yes, Bob Knight was married to Karen Vieth Edgar until his passing in 2023. Their enduring love remained a constant throughout his illustrious career.

2. What is the net worth of Bobby Knights?

Bob Knight’s net worth was substantial, owing to his successful coaching career and various endorsements. However, specific figures may vary, reflecting the multifaceted success of his impactful career.

3. Did Bob Knight have a family?

Yes, Bob Knight and Karen Vieth Edgar had a family, including their daughter Hazel Knight. The family life they built together was a source of strength and support for the legendary coach.

4. Did Bob Knight have Alzheimer’s?

There is no widely confirmed information regarding Bob Knight having Alzheimer’s. His health details remain private, with no conclusive evidence supporting such claims.

5. What happened to Bob Knight at Indiana?

Bob Knight faced controversy during his tenure at Indiana University, ultimately leading to his dismissal. The details of these events are well-documented in sports history, marking a challenging chapter in his impactful career.


In the world of sports and celebrity, 

Karen Vieth Edgar stands out as a beacon of love, resilience, and grace. Her journey, intertwined with the legendary Bob Knight, is a story of commitment, family, and navigating the complexities of life in the public eye.

As we celebrate the life of Karen Vieth Edgar, let her story inspire us to face challenges with grace, embrace love wholeheartedly, and build legacies that transcend the arenas of life.


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